Slab Leak Repair

A broken pipe or water leak in or below the foundation of your home may cause slab leakage. If it is not dealt or fixed on time, it may cause a big trouble. Little drops of leakage are signs of immediate attention for slab leak repair. We not only repair slab leak but we also install new slab if needed.

Signs of Slab leak

There are number following signs of slab leak and indication of immediate repair of slab leak:
  • A sudden, unexplained spike in water bills.
  • Water pooling
  • Warped hard flooring
  • A decrease in water pressure.
  • Hearing running water when it is turned off 

Cause of slab leak

Most common slab leak causes are as under:
  • Old piping
  • Cheap material
  • Hard water
  • Soil corrosion
  • Electrolysis. 

Slab leak detection

Slab leak detection is the initial step locating damaged pipe or cracks in the foundation of your home. We have trained detection specialist who can enrich slab leakage and get it repair in no time. 

Slab leak repair cost

The average slab leak repair cost ranges from $150 to $400, depending on how laborious slab leak detection and repairing is. 

Why choose us?

We are fast, trained, skilled and highly professional. Our priority is to provide you peace of mind by best of our plumbing services.